Remove the Dead to Allow Room to Grow

I had an interesting observation this weekend while I was cutting the dead stuff out of my favorite plants that hang in my living room that I just had to share…
I finally took the time to clean out the dead vines and leaves to allow new growth on these beautiful vines. Rather than letting the plant continue to struggle with keeping these pieces that were barely holding on alive, I decided it was finally time to remove them. Who knew such a simple task would lead to a profound realization?
As I’m clearing it out, I realize that there are quite a few vines that were dead a long way down, but they somehow had new growth at the bottom. How on earth were these growing still when there was hardly any stem left? They were so thin and feeble, how was it even getting water down there!?!
I really wish I had taken a before picture of this poor plant, but as often happens, you don’t know what you’re going to get out of a situation until you get in the middle of it. The pot was completely full. It looks so bare now, but so ALIVE!

As I dug further, I realized that on the parts that were still over the dirt in the pot, the nodules right by the dead spot grew into new roots!!

What an amazing metaphor for life.

Life finds a way.

Out of the death of one part of our life, we can grow new roots and continue to thrive by growing in a new direction.

I spent Sunday morning cutting away some stuff in my life that was no longer serving me. So many dead things that were just taking up space are now gone to allow for new connections to grow. Sure, some removals are painful or sad, but once you walk away from the people and the things that are no longer good for you, you allow more space and time for the good stuff to grow! I am so excited for this new year and the new growth that’s coming!
What will you cut out to allow for new growth?
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