Change Your Medical “Fate”

“You’re doomed to get this same hereditary disease the rest of your family has

unless you make some lifestyle changes. Eat this way and exercise like this, and maybe you can change your fate.”

Sound familiar? “Hereditary disease” has become synonymous with “certain fate coded into our DNA.” How can we imagine that if something is coded into our DNA, we can just change it by changing our lifestyle? It’s coded in. It’s gonna happen, right?

What if it’s not really coded in our DNA?

Now bear with me here, and think about it for a minute:

  • Doesn’t everyone in your family tend to follow the same diet?
  • The same exercise commitment (or lack thereof)?
  • We live in the same areas. Country or city folk alike tend to stay near their family.
  • We have the same work ethic and rest or push through the same way.
These sound like learned behaviors to me…

“But the last 6 generations have died of heart disease! I’m doomed!”

Not so, my friend!

My “Fate”

Family History

I dread going to a new doctor because writing out my family’s medical history is exhausting!

  • Heart disease? Check!
  • Heart attack? Check!
  • Cancer? Check!
  • High cholesterol? Check!
  • High blood pressure? Check!
  • Diabetes/Hypoglycemia? Check!
  • Cysts disorders? Check!
  • Arthritis? Check!
  • Stroke? Check!
  • Addiction? Check!

…and it’s not just one person on any of those things. They all run on both sides of my family. Hell, if I really believed I was doomed to all these things, I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this at age 36. I would have just given up a long time ago.

The first time my husband saw me fill out my family medical history, he had that deer-in-the-headlights look. At the time we’d been dating a couple years, and I was so sick I couldn’t drive myself to the quack shack on campus (Er, clinic. Yeah. That’s it.). I had told him it wasn’t pretty. We’d jokingly discussed that I would die young because of my family medical history. He thought I was exaggerating, and quite abruptly learned I wasn’t.

My own medical history isn’t pretty at this point either:

  • Fair skin and lots of moles means I’ll get skin cancer at some point.
  • I was diagnosed with arthritis in my knee when I was 14, which means the rest of my joints have already started deteriorating.
  • I have slipped disks in my spine, one of which pinches my spinal cord, which could leave me paralyzed.
  • I have nerve damage in my right foot due to a really bad broken leg, so those toes could just die off at some point.
  • I had preeclampsia/toxemia (whatever they’re calling it today) when I was pregnant with my oldest. Looking at the blood pressure chart James brought home yesterday, when I went into the ER, it was *completely* off the chart – like waaaay off – 213/187. I only had a mild, dull headache. Really.  Apparently I should have been in a coma or stroked out.  So not only do I have a high chance of developing heart disease, it also leaves me susceptible to high blood pressure again (which I’ve already been through).
  • Then with my 2nd & 3rd pregnancies, I had gestational diabetes, and was insulin dependent with the 3rd. So I’m doomed to eventually develop Type 2.
  • Oh, did I mention I had a mini stroke when I was 37 weeks with my second? Yep, so now I’ll eventually have a full-blown stroke.
  • There’s the good size lumps on my ovary & breast which they *think* are benign cysts, but I have to be sure to get them scanned every year now just in case. Sure, pump me full of radiation which we know causes cancer to be sure I don’t have cancer. Isn’t it ironic?
  • And there are those pesky lesions on my brain too, which no one can tell me anything about. I even went to the highest ranked neurosurgeon in Houston.

I’m not making this up- it’s what doctors actually told me as I went through each thing. I’d tell you to just ask them, but HIPPA. It’s a mine field in this flesh bag, let me tell ya!

Poor hubs will be sitting slack-jawed reading this because I didn’t tell him the severity of the prognoses each time. He would have just flipped out, and I didn’t believe the docs anyway.

So what’s a gal to do?

Well, she takes matters into her own hands. Finds an amazing chiropractor who does energy work and leads her into a world she’d never considered. She drops 10 no longer needed prescriptions within 6 weeks and begins a journey that changes her own life, that of her family, and hopefully countless others!

That list up there? None of that is going to happen to me. I do not claim any of it. Notice I never said “my” in any of those things except for the history. That’s all it is – history. It is my history, but none of those are my diseases. None of them are going to continue to affect my life. They are all healed.

Sure, a couple of them rear their ugly heads once in a while when I fall off my wellness plan, but those are just signals to me to get back on track and prevent them from moving back into full-blown monsters.

We have the power to change our medical “fate” and live life to the fullest!

Sound like a bunch of crazy, crunchy hoo-doo?

I get it. It’s hard to see things outside the medical establishment that we’ve all grown up with. We do the best we can with what we know, but when keep an open mind to learn something new, lives change dramatically.

What would you do if you had perfect health? What kind of life would you live?

Stay tuned to see how I’ve turned it all around for myself using the 6 basic fundamentals of perfect health.


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