Mama’s Magic is a guide for busy families who want to live a more natural life.
I keep it super simple by balancing natural living ideals with real life.

If you believe natural living should be super simple and you’re looking for ways to make those changes in your life, get comfy for a spell & I’ll tell you a little story about a magical journey.

When I started researching ways to live more naturally… Holy moly! The amount of information was totally overwhelming, and all those changes were just not gonna happen. It was all: You must go all-in or don’t bother. Dump everything you’ve ever bought at a store. Buy all these expensive ingredients you’ve never heard of and don’t know if your family will like. Sour this. Sprout that. Spend 15 hours making something else.

Really?!? Who has time for all that? Or the budget? Must be nice to just sit around your inherited 100+ year old farm house with a full garden and livestock to meet all your needs off the grid…

Now back to the real world! I started this natural living journey in 2009. Hubs & I had a 5 yr old, a 5 month old baby, and another (surprise!) baby on the way, which meant we’d have 2 babies in 50 weeks. {Yes, that is less than a year. Yes, they are also know as Irish twins. No they were not planned that way. More on that later in another post.} I was also working full time with a long commute (1-2 hours each way, sometimes up to 3 hours one way if it was raining or someone didn’t wave their magic wand just right). Obviously we had a tight budget, no time, and no energy, but I was determined to make changes for the sake of our health.

We ate a lot of the typical American grub – tons of boxed and bagged food, white rice, white flour, white potatoes, white chicken… can you see a pattern here? Hubby was just happy he was no longer eating his bachelor food of ramen & microwaved quesadillas. Ha! But we were also making separate dinners for our super-picky 5 year old who would only eat cold cheese sandwiches (“I DON’T LIKE MELTY CHEESE!!”), chicken nuggets, frozen corndogs, bananas, applesauce, and broccoli (at least there was one veggie in there).

We had been through some health challenges, and I knew we had to make some changes

I found simple ways to gradually change our diet that worked within the resources we had available, and dramatically improved our health. With diet changes under the guidance of alternative healthcare practitioners, I was able to lose weight, gain energy, reverse menopause (at age 27!), heal allergies & debilitating knee pain I’d had for more than 15 years, and drop 10 daily prescription drugs (!), wean my hubby from his bottle of pink stuff he constantly drank for stomach issues, and – got my picky eater to eat real food! Yep. Sure did… all within about 2-3 months. Told you I was a magic mama. 😉

Shortly after that, I started working on the stuff we put on our bodies too and found something that really lit my creative spark!

I believe everyone should be able to live a simple, healthy, natural life, regardless of resources available, and I LOVE sharing what I’ve found to empower others to do the same. I can’t help it… I’m a teacher at heart. 

I am studying natural health, and will graduate August 2017 as a Doctor of Naturopathy, Master Herbalist, Certified Health Specialist, Certified Nutritionist, and Certified Natural Health Practitioner. Hubs teases me that I’ll have a whole alphabet after my name with all those credentials. To say I’m passionate about this is an understatement!

I know the ideals, but this is real life

Real life involves crazy busy schedules, tight budgets, picky eaters, carpools, extracurriculars, sick kids, demanding bosses (who sometimes are the kids), chronic illnesses, and mamas at their wit’s end trying to juggle it all.

Years before I started my studies…

Mama’s Magic was born from an ointment I threw together to help my poor 5 month old who had been dealing with a horrid diaper rash for a couple months, that just kept getting worse. NOTHING on the market was working (and we’d tried it all. Really. Every. Single. Product. Even whichever one you’re thinking of right now. Yep. Tried it.). 

Out of desperation I threw together a couple ingredients (literally 2!) and smeared it all over his little butt. By the next morning, it was just dark pink, not even red any more. We slathered some more on before he went to day care that morning, and by that night, it was gone!! That diaper rash transformed from cracked and bleeding to completely healed within 24 hours.

No kidding. We couldn’t believe it! My then 5 year old said the stuff had made the rash disappear like magic… So we dubbed it “Mama’s Magic Medicine.” Our day care asked what we did as they’d been dealing with it as much as we were, and couldn’t believe when we told them either. Of course we weren’t allowed to send the stuff with him because it wasn’t mass marketed, but they were still impressed. When one of the other babies had a similar issue, the director sent her to me to ask for my magic formula. I’ve been telling desperate mamas about it ever since.

This stuff works it’s magic on all sorts of skin issues (which you can learn more about in this post). I still get giddy thinking about this little act of desperation that changed my life. 😀

Since then, I’ve also developed recipes for cleansers, body scrubs, bug repellents, toothpaste, all sorts of goodies to replace most of the chemical laden products we had in our home.

Just keep walking right on by those “natural” products on the supermarket shelf

The overpriced “natural” products in the store just piss me off. They cost so much more and are often are nowhere close to natural… You’d be shocked reading the ingredient labels that too often have very similar lists to their conventional counterparts. True natural cleansers can be made with a lot of ingredients you probably have on hand already… vinegar, baking soda, lemons… any of this sound worthy of that high price tag?

While I will share my recipes so you can make your own goodies, I completely understand that not everyone has the crazy love for being in the kitchen creating these things that I do… So I will also be opening a shop to sell my own products for a decent price. 

My ultimate dream is to have a wellness center where natural health practitioners, healers, counselors, and fitness experts all come together in a comfy, warm environment to empower women to heal themselves and their loved ones. It will have lots of land with hiking trails and a community garden, a lounge, and a huge kitchen to teach courses in all the things I love. And most importantly – to do it all at an affordable price. You know, while I’m dreaming, may as well dream big!

Hi, my name is Donna. I am a passionate mama and a natural health enthusiast who balances ideals with real life.

I believe that when truly natural remedies and products are widely available, we’ll all live healthier, happier lives.

Food and medicine grown on plants is best

As a society, we’ve been taught that if something comes from a plant grown in the ground, it’s dirty and ineffective because it has all this extra junk that’s unnecessary. A product created in a sterile plant that’s stripped Mother Nature’s masterpiece of all the magic it possesses and pollutes the environment while concentrating the specifically selected components deemed effective by some scientist paid by big business is better. {insert best ditzy voice I can muster} Because, hellooooo… A scientist made it in a sterile factory.

Here’s the thing: God, The Creator, Mother Nature, The Great Spirit… Whatever you call him/her or otherwise, knew what s/he was doing when he created the healing powers of these plants. There are so many chemical components we don’t even understand the processes of that just get tossed aside and without knowing how they interact with the other components.

I believe all the man-made chemicals we’re putting in & on our bodies cause many of the health issues we have today. Increase the junk = increase the medical bills = increase the profits of big businesses… leaving us sick, buying more meds that we think will make us feel better (just ignore all those scary side effects), and spinning us back through the same cycle all over again.

The magic of the Creator includes all the components in the plant that work together to make each more effective. Why do we as humans think we can improve on Creation?

I create super simple recipes for whole foods, natural remedies, and products for home & body.

Hippocrates said “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.”

You can heal your body by changing what you put in & on it, while keeping your sanity & budget fully intact. Cross my heart.

I’ve been there

Throwing in a frozen pizza for dinner for the third time that week while I spray my counters will chemicals to clean the smear of “fruit” chew goo my son left… Exhausted, overwhelmed, and feeling hopeless, knowing there were better alternatives, but unable to see the path from here to there.

It does get better. Let me show you how.

I changed our lives and you can do the same!

Break free from the cycle of nasties and learn to eat real food simply, heal yourself naturally, and save money on chemical-laden home & body products by making your own. I took small steps at a time to make changes that really last.

I know the natural living ideals, but this is real life. I’ve sent perfectionism for a hike because little tricks add up to big magic and better is good enough.

All right. Enough chat… It’s time to get moving.

 Wanna to know more? Keep on scrolling on, baby!

1. I am ----

Outdoorsy. I just love being outdoors – hiking, biking, observing nature, gardening, generally being in the mountains on or the beach… But don’t ask me to fish or hunt. I’m not that kind of outdoorsy. 😉

2. I am ----

Non-judgemental. When I disagree with someone, I don’t necessarily think they’re wrong. I just know it’s not the right choice for me because as you’ll see coming up in #3… I easily see both sides.

3. I am ----

A total enigma. Every personality test puts me right smack in the middle because I score equally on right brained/left brained; creative/logical; optimist/pessimist; introvert/extrovert – did you know there’s a word for that now? Yep. I’m not the only ambivert. I sit on the fence a lot and can see both sides of most situations which makes me a great moderator, but indecisive decision maker. 

4. I am ----

An animal lover. Since I was little bitty I’ve always felt a connection to animals. Yes, I do speak to them. They keep me company during the day. My family has a 15 year old calico cat and a 7 month old Pug/Min-Pin/something mix puppy, but I would LOVE more pets… just as soon as I can convince Hubs to let me have a zoo and full farm in the backyard of our little suburban neighborhood.

5. I am ----

Often called “Pollyanna.” I still haven’t ever watched that movie, though. Hmmm. I should get on that. I truly believe people do the best they can with what they’ve got – whether that’s knowledge, time, money, experience, patience, whatever… We’re all just doing our best to get through this thing called life.

6. I am ----

Doing a happy dance in my chair with my dog and cat looking at me like I’ve lost my mind! Yep, I totally shared that. There has been a lot of dancing this week because I’m super excited to finally be rolling out this idea that started way back in 2009!! WOOT! WOOT! Where did those 7 years go??

7. I am ----

A total cheeseball! As if you didn’t already guess, I just had to say it, well, because I am. I love punny jokes, crocheting, watercolor painting, drawing, and the fact that the pictures on my wall hang just a little crooked and it drives everyone nuts. Plus I hated just leaving it at #6. 7 is a much better number. 😀

Wish your life could be a little more natural and a lot more simple?

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